Stumbled across my own blog again…..

Once again I completely forgot about this ‘blog’, I thought I’d add some pictures from my trip around Indonesia to keep it ticking over……..

Taken early one morning travelling between the island of Gili Air and Lombok we hitched a lift with a group of Gili locals who were making the 40 minute trip to get provisions from the ‘mainland’.


A typical sunset on the Island of Flores. We stayed in the bustling (I’d say shanty) town of Labuan Bajo for a few days waiting for a boat to pick us up ahead of a luxury (I’d say basic) 4 day trip around the islands of Komodo and Rinca (we saw more dragons on Rinca)


You don’t want to mess with Komodo dragons as these Buffalo would testify. It was ok for us though as our guide had a little stick to keep the Komodo at bay


Once the yacht (wooden and rat infested) dropped us back in Lombok, we decided to make a trip to the south of the island to a place called Kuta Lombok which is not to be confused with Kuta in Bali.


Apparently a number of hoteliers want to develop here which will mean Kuta Lombok will become like Kuta Beach in Bali which is not good!

Completely normal driving habits…..


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