Cycling amongst mountains

Every year we make a trip abroad to ride our bikes amongst some big hills, this year we (and a group of buddies) decided on Les Arcs in the French alps.

My other half taking my picture above Les Plange with Mont Blanc in the distance (this pic taken by our friend Rich)


Literally jumping for joy at the fact we will descend tens of thousands of feet on this holiday with very little pedalling thanks to the lift system in Les Arcs/les Plange


The whole group now jumping for joy…..


Les Arcs has to be my favourite MTB destination in Europe (Alpujarra in southern Spain is fantastic too) but to be surrounded by big mountains with good friends doing something you love puts a big smile on anyones face…..



Stumbled across my own blog again…..

Once again I completely forgot about this ‘blog’, I thought I’d add some pictures from my trip around Indonesia to keep it ticking over……..

Taken early one morning travelling between the island of Gili Air and Lombok we hitched a lift with a group of Gili locals who were making the 40 minute trip to get provisions from the ‘mainland’.


A typical sunset on the Island of Flores. We stayed in the bustling (I’d say shanty) town of Labuan Bajo for a few days waiting for a boat to pick us up ahead of a luxury (I’d say basic) 4 day trip around the islands of Komodo and Rinca (we saw more dragons on Rinca)


You don’t want to mess with Komodo dragons as these Buffalo would testify. It was ok for us though as our guide had a little stick to keep the Komodo at bay


Once the yacht (wooden and rat infested) dropped us back in Lombok, we decided to make a trip to the south of the island to a place called Kuta Lombok which is not to be confused with Kuta in Bali.


Apparently a number of hoteliers want to develop here which will mean Kuta Lombok will become like Kuta Beach in Bali which is not good!

Completely normal driving habits…..

Days off..

I had a day off work today as it’s my turn to ‘hold the fort’ at work on saturday, the weather was fantastic (if a little cold -2) clear sky’s and sunshine. Brilliant.

First job was to walk the dog, I decided to take the camera. Within 10 yards of the car finn was doing his toilet dance. What this meant is that I had to carry around a poop bag for the remainder of the walk (no bin on’t moor), this is normally ok but when your wanting to take  a few photos; it rapidly becomes an annoyance.

Early afternoon came and Sarah rang to say she was working from home in the afternoon, she had decided whilst driving home that the weather was too good to miss an opportunity to ride. Here is Sarah working from home…

Flights booked…

Just had our flight tickets from Manchester to Bali delivered, yipee! Roll on the 14th of May.

I really need this holiday-  I started a new job in Jan which means i’m working 10+ hrs per day and never really feel like i’m away from work. Im hoping that by booking this holiday and having to plan all the bits associated with the holiday will give me something else to think about.

New rule *alert*

I haven’t looked at my blog recently, id forgotten about it to be honest. I also forgot that I owned a camera.

Actually you cant even call this blog a blog, its more of a collection of pics with a few words thrown in. Im going to change that-new rule alert- I can only post a pic when I post at least 50 words.

Oh… i’ve hit 50 words – here’s a pic.


Im currently in the process of transferring all my ‘stuff’ from my PC to my Mac.

Whilst transferring my photos I came across a photo of my dog running on a beach in North Yorkshire. I wasn’t expecting to take any photos; it was just going to be a normal walk on the beach with my dog, I didn’t expect that my girlfriend would bring her camera & I definitely didn’t expect to get such a great shot of my dog.

Night time.

Clear nights are cold, very cold.